Owerton Challenge, Issue 107, Morgus Episode 003, ‘Blue Horse Toy’

Owerton Challenge:


Blue Horse Toy

Episode 003


November 30, 2016

Issue 107

Challenge: Issue 107

  • Blue
  • Horse
  • Toy
  • Sub-titleBlue Horse Toy


  • Brian Hill
  • High Prairie, Alberta

Previously in episode 002 on Autumn 56 Unicorn:

Morgus ventured over to an old friend’s for a visit, where he discovered a theft. In an attempt to help the old friend, Morgus encountered trouble and had dealings with a healing priestess. Eventually, Morgus returned home, but he’s not out of trouble, yet.

We continue now with episode 003: 

Autumn 59 Unicorn

Sitting in his room at the medium sized pine desk, Morgus tries to focus on his studies. He has an idea, but it is taking all his university training to keep his mind off his wounds and on his studies.

Working late into the night, burning much lamp oil, Morgus stretches, and yawns as he decides to call it quits for now, until tomorrow. Rubbing his eyes, he stands and wanders out to the communal chamber pot before returning and settling into bed for the night.

Yawning again as he turns out the lantern, Morgus grudgingly sighs, considering that he almost has the spell figured out enough to scribe into his spell book. He’ll be able to use the spell as an offense – to burn the poor bastards he’s battling with. It will be better than simple melee, for sure.

Autumn 60 Unicorn

Clamoring out of bed, needing to use the chamber pot, Morgus uses the facility and then dresses and hurries down to the tavern for a quick morning meal. He had an epiphany last night, and he needs to work the details of his epiphany into the spell incantation.

Finding Erec in the tavern, Morgus waves the servant over to his table. Gesturing to his slashed and blood stained tunic. “Erec, I’m in need of a tailor’s services. As you can see, a blade found my tunic, along with my own blood. I’m under repairs, but unfortunately, my tunic has no such whim of its own. Do you know someone who can stitch together my tunic?”

Erec laughs and answers, “Lessa is a seamstress of sorts, so perhaps if you talk to her?”

“Can you ask her to come out here? I might not be welcome in the kitchen of this establishment.”

Erec nods and wanders off toward the kitchen. Roughly ten minutes later, as Morgus is ready to walk back up to his room, Lessa arrives at his table. The jalfem addresses Morgus. “You wanted me?”

Morgus stands, indicating the cuts and blood stains on his tunic, “How long will it take you to clean and repair this tunic?”

Lessa looks over the slices in the fabric. She hums and then answers, “Two days.”

Morgus frees his coin pouch from his belt and replies, “Will five dusters finish the work?”

Lessa shakes her head, saying, “No, six will make it happen.”

Morgus sighs shallowly, frowning, counting out six copper coins. “I’ll leave this tunic in my room.”

Lessa takes the coins. After bowing, she leaves Morgus to go back to the kitchen.

Returning to his room after eating, Morgus changes into his only other tunic, a tattered blue beast from his early days in the university.

Sitting back at the desk, Morgus continues his studies, deciphering the construction of the spell. After working out the spell for an hour, he starts scribing the script into his book.

At an hour before noon, Morgus is interrupted by Lessa as she is retrieving his damaged tunic. So, Morgus takes a brief break.

After a fifteen-minute break, Morgus continues with scribing until evening meal. Morgus is happy with his progress in scribing the spell.

Morgus quickly devours his evening meal and then he returns to scribing. Just before midnight, Morgus sets down the quill, viewing the page in his book. Smiling, he memorises the finished spell written on the one page.

Standing by the bed, facing the door ten feet away, Morgus extends his hands with his thumb tips touching, and fingers splayed out, fan-shaped. He focuses quickly and utters the words, “Fire”. A 120o arc, consisting of bright yellow flames, spreads out from his fingers and extends forward five feet, not quite reaching the far wall.

Feeling the extreme heat from the flames, Morgus falls back. Smiling, he congratulates himself.

Ready to sleep, Morgus chuckles as he closes his book.

Autumn 61 Unicorn

Sitting two tables away from the pirate bargewright, Morgus doesn’t even look at the thug.

But, unfortunately, Toaren has different ideas. Toaren, the bargewright, walks over to Morgus, and standing near him, the bargewright says, “You best leave this area, boyo. You’re not wanted by me or the locals – by no one, ever. This is your only warning.”

Morgus says, “I think I’ll listen, and take your advice under advisement after you sit and talk with me.”

“There’ll be no talking, boyo.”

Morgus shrugs, answering, “Yes, I think we will.”

Toaren huffs and walks away, saying, “You’ve been warned.” He exits the tavern.

Deciding to go for a walk to get clear away from Toaren for a while, Morgus leaves Perch Inn and journeys south on Driscol Street.

The air is cold, but the gods barely breathe, gently wafting east under broken cover.

Having ambled south just over three kilometres, Morgus is passing a farmstead at 1387 Driscol Street, when he has a thought, ‘This is the old Platter Holding, and I recall being friends with the pappa. I wonder if they’d mind me stopping in.

Morgus walks along the roadway, through the old plum orchard, and up to the house.  Morgus finds the old two-story stone house much the same as it was twenty years ago. Knocking on the sturdy wooden door, and followed by a couple of minutes of waiting, a twenty-year-old jalmal of average build answers the door. The jalmal asks, “Yes, how may I help you?”

Morgus respectfully replies, “Gods-grace and good fate young master. I am Morgus; I used to live at Perch Inn before my father died twenty years ago.  I knew the master here, Ferfeo. Does he still live here?”

The youth frowns sadly. “Yes, I know him; he was my pappa. Ferfeo died last year from wasting disease. I’m Lasiter Platter, holder of Platter holding. Come on in and have tea with me.”

Bowing in respect for the loss of Ferfeo, Morgus says, “I would enjoy that. Let’s get to know each other. I’m in the area for a year.”

“Where are you staying?” Lasiter asks while they go inside to the kitchen to dine on tea and buns.

“I have a room in the Perch Inn, again.”

Lasiter asks, “Are you looking for work?”

Chuckling, Morgus nods, replying, “As a matter of fact, yes, I am.”

“I was robbed last night. I actually believed you were the City Watch I sent for. I reported the theft to Loren Post.”

“Another robbery? Robberies seem to be rampant in the area. Another friend of mine was robbed at Punting Horse Stable. What did you lose?” asks Morgus.

Lasiter answers, “My safe chest was emptied, clearing over forty-seven Flairs and my mamma’s silver heart necklace.”

Morgus, shocked at the theft, asks, “Was that the necklace your mamma received on her life-companion ceremony day to your pappa? The one with the initials of both her and your pappa’s engraved on the back?”

Now it is Lasiter who frowns and squints at Morgus, “You know the necklace?”

Morgus nods, answering, “Yes, my father gave it as a gift.”

Lasiter sighs deeply, “You do have family ties with us. In the least, I would really appreciate getting the necklace back.”

“It may cost you, but I think I know where to find it. I’ll see if it’s there, but I won’t be able to make a deal to get it back. Only confirm if they have it. I’ll leave now to see if I can get there by tonight,” offers Morgus.

Heading out back on Driscol Street, nearly an hour after sitting down in Lasiter’s house, Morgus is soon on South Street Road going north to Hampton Market, knowing full well where his destination is this time.

An hour along South Street Rood, Morgus meets Toaren, who is walking south towards Morgus.

“Boyo, I hope you are leaving South State. You don’t want trouble here,” says the pirate bargewright.

“I might want on a crew, actually Captain. I know you’re running the crew now, so light up the signal, and stop being a damn mule.” Morgus commands.

Toaren scowls again, uttering, “Bilge rat, Seven Hells be your home.” Without looking back, he continues walking south.

Morgus watches him walk away, thinking, ‘Well, he is easing up.

Continuing to walk north to Fletcher Moren’s, Morgus arrives at an hour after gods-set. He then enters the trade room behind the main shop.

He stops as he finds an eighteen-year-old good-looking toymal youth trying to sell Moren a silver necklace. Taking a close look at the necklace, Morgus smiles inwardly. But outwardly he curses, “Bilge rat, Seven Hells, you stole my necklace. Be damn if you’re going to sell it. Give it back.”

Stunned, the youth stutters, “T … th … this ain’t your n … necklace. I a … ain’t s … stole from you. I d … don’t even know who you are.”

Morgus turns to Moren, “This bugger stole my necklace. If you look at the back, it has my parents initial engraved on it, F P and E P in jal. The script is about three-eights of an inch high.”

Moren turns over the heart of the necklace and whistles. Handing the necklace back to the youth, he says, “I can’t buy this from you with the rightful owner standing here.”

“Damn Seven Hells, It ain’t his. I stole it from Platter’s holding.”

“He identified it correctly, so you take it up with him, Timin,” says Moren.

Morgus says, “I want the necklace and coins you took.”

The boy shouts, “I ain’t givin you shit back.”

Morgus moves in for a melee attack with his staff, forcing the youth to defend himself by drawing his dagger after placing the necklace quickly into his pouch.

Morgus strikes the youth hard, and then a second time as Timin defends himself. The second hit knocks Timin down on his ass.

Timin grunts and then leaps to his feet, stabbing Morgus.

Morgus strikes the youth yet again with his staff, knocking more air out of him.

The two vie for position, each of them looking for an advantage.

Then, Morgus decides magic is his strong suit and braces to cast ‘fan flame’ with thumbs touching, while he stands, balancing his staff against his shoulder. As he is about to say “Fire”, the youth stabs Morgus, breaking the mage’s focus, and causing him to lose the spell.

Being in the stance already, Morgus begins casting again. This time he avoids the attack from the youth. As the youth is recovering from his failed attack, Morgus says “Fire,” causing the sheet of fire to fan out from his fingers, five feet forward. Morgus’ aim is so precise that the yellow flames catch Timin and nothing else. The flames cause Timin’s clothing to burst into flames.

Morgus rapidly grips his staff, swinging at the burning rogue.  But he misses and strikes the floor instead, shattering his staff.

Timin is busy extinguishing the flames on his clothing as Morgus pulls free his knife.

With Morgus holding his knife, Timin has the fires out. However, the youth has second-degree burns on large areas of his body.

Rushing Timin, Morgus draws blood twice through separate wounds, causing a fatigued and severally injured Timin to yield, calling out, “I give, the necklace is yours.”

Morgus drops back, and accepting the offered necklace, he says, “I want the coins, too.”

Timin answers, “No, I just earned those.”

Morgus steps forward slashing with his knife. The blade opens up Timin’s chest, leaking a large volume of blood, killing the rogue. Morgus says, “You can’t keep them; they’re not yours.”

Kneeling, without remorse, Morgus takes the two coin pouches and the dagger from the rogue.

Standing again, he addresses Moren, “Do the Dragon Horsemen have a priest to tend to dead victims?”

Shaking his head grimly, Moren answers, “Not for you.”

“What about Draken; will she tend to this dead man?”

Again, shaking his head, Moren answers, “No, she doesn’t tend to the dead.”

Considering all of this, Morgus asks, “If I get a discrete priest tomorrow, will you put me up for the night? I’ll even cook morning meal again.”

“For a Flair, sure,” says the rogue’s fence.

Sorting through Timin’s coins, Morgus picks out 1.00 coin and gives the coins to Moren. “I’m hungry; do you mind if I cook?”

“A Dyns for the food.” replies Moren firmly.

Handing him another Dyns, Morgus cooks a quick, hot, meatless, meal. They eat, and then Morgus cleans up the trade room before settling into a restless sleep.

Autumn 62 Unicorn

Rising late, Morgus is fatigued from repeated late nights, early mornings, and strenuous activity. Morgus doesn’t have his spell books with him, so he can’t memorize spells. But, he has a mission today: travel to the Orange Temple to Imvor on Hex Avenue.

Sitting with Moren while Morgus eats his poached eggs and fried meats cooked by Morgus, Morgus asks, “This dagger is a hindrance for me. I have no use for it. How much will you give me for it?”

“A Flair.” Is the simple answer he receives.

Placing the dagger on the table, Morgus replies, “Okay, agreed, but it’s worth twice that.”

“To a customer of a weapon seller, yes. I need to make a profit, so I pay you less.”

Morgus accepts the Flair from Moren and then cleans the kitchen after they finish eating. He heads out once he has made sure the currently crippled fletcher and fence is taken care of and is set for a day of working.

Walking west on Hex Avenue, Morgus arrives at the Orange Temple to Imvor an hour after noon. After talking with an acolyte, Morgus is quickly escorted to the headmaster of the Temple.

In his office, Headmaster Peneal greets Morgus coldly, “Gods-grace and good fate master mage, what do you seek from Imvor?”

Addressing the old jalmal, Morgus answers, “Gods-grace and good fate Master Peneal. Imvor’s blessing on us all. An unfortunate incident involving the death of a young man took place yesterday. Unfortunately, his family cannot be located. I was wondering … with a proper donation, will this Temple see to the deceased’s Right of Passage?”

Observing Morgus’ appearance, Peneal ponders this, and then replies, “Unfortunate incidents are expensive: seventeen Flairs will acquire a retrieval team for Right of Passage of one body.”

Satisfied, Morgus stands and offers his arm, saying, “Accepted.”

After clasping arms together, Morgus pays Peneal from Lasiter’s coin pouch saying, “If anyone asks, the body turned up in your care with no sponsor or claimant.”

“I’ll get your team ready to go with you right away,” offers Peneal.

Leaving the room, the headmaster returns thirty minutes later with three people. “You will be taking a wagon with these people. Priest Herod is leading, followed by our elven acolyte, Stump, and their aid, labourer Arabellen.”

Morgus greets the jalmal priest and then greets the other two. They mount the wagon and make the long ride to Fletcher Moren’s, where the jubilant Herod enthusiastically leads the team in. They hurry to load Timin on the wagon to take the body back to the Orange Temple.

After the wagon leaves, Morgus turns to Moren and says, “I know you would enjoy my services as a servant with me paying you for me to stay here, but I should go. I may be back again to seek your services in the future. Maybe.”

With that, Morgus leaves the stall shop and returns home in a rush to Perch Inn. It is well after midnight before he arrives at the inn and goes to his room. After he has set traps to warn him of intruders in his room, Morgus settles into bed and goes to sleep.

Autumn 63 Unicorn

Entering the tavern in the morning, Morgus finds that Toaren is present. The pirate waves Morgus to his table, and then says to Morgus, “If you insist on staying, it’ll cost you eight Flairs every thirty days, boyo.”

“We’ll see, Captain – depends if I’m earning a wage or not.” Morgus leaves and sits by himself to enjoy a meal he has already paid for.

As he is sitting enjoying his meal the jalfem cook, Lessa comes out of the kitchen with Morgus’ morning meal and repaired tunic, “All done, good like new.”

Nonchalantly, Morgus sets aside the tunic for later. Finishing his morning meal, he then places his tunic in his room before he travels to Platter’s farm. Arriving at the holding at noon, Morgus finds Lasiter working in a shed.

Handing the farmer the coin pouch and necklace, Morgus says, “The thief got caught on the way to his destination. He may have divested himself of some coins already.”

“Can he be brought to justice?”

Morgus replies, “He already has been; he is at the Orange Temple.”

“We need to purchase horse toys for our colt. If you could do so, I’ll pay you. Take the wagon. Here are two Flairs to purchase them with,” says Lasiter.

Morgus bows as he contemplates taking the wagon home to the Perch Inn. Then thinking that he needs a new tunic and a new quarterstaff, Morgus decides that a trip to Hampton Market is in order. So, instead of going home, he turns east as he is heading out of Platter Holding and travels to Hampton Market.

Searching the market, Morgus can’t find a staff, but he finds a deal on tunics for five Dyns each, buying three. Also, he finds a good price for two blue horse toys worth a Flair each.

Returning home to Perch Inn, well after three in the morning, Morgus unhitches the wagon and tends to the animals before going to sleep.

Autumn 64 Unicorn

Leaving Perch Inn at gods-rise, Morgus delivers the wagon and two blue horse toys to Lasiter Platter.

“Thank you Morgus, not only did you get back the necklace, but you got back most of my coinage, and you were quick on the shopping trip. Here are five Dyns for your trouble.”

Morgus smile, “Thank you Lasiter; I was glad to help.”

Still needing a staff, Morgus walks to Loren Market. Searching long and hard, Morgus finds a suitable staff for two dusters at a mercantile.

The rogue mage arrives back at the Perch Inn two hours after gods-set. Morgus is now reequipped, but coinage is low. He goes to sleep without eating.

Autumn 65 Unicorn

Groggy from extremely long days, Morgus stares at the sealed parchment in his hand. He reads it again … it is addressed to him, here at the Perch Inn … it is from Baron Hessan.

To be continued …

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Owerton Challenge, Issue 106, Morgues E002, ‘Red Horse Comb’

Owerton Challenge Blog:


Episode 002

Red Horse Comb

Owerton Challenge: Issue 106

Challenge Issue 106: red horse comb


Contribution words:

  • Creature = Horse
  • Item = Comb
  • Colour = Red


  • M J Domet of Beaverlodge, Alberta


Autumn 56 Unicorn 3rd Cycle V Succession of King Regeanus the III

Previously on challenge episode 001 on Autumn 50 Unicorn with:

Morgus left the Mage’s University traveling to South State District, where he paid the Perch Inn for a season’s residency. During his first evening at the Perch Inn, and as he was having a meal, Morgus was confronted by an old acquaintance from his less than legal past.

We continue now with challenge episode Morgus, E002 on:

Autumn 56 Unicorn

Waking to the silence of a room without roommates, Morgus stretches, yawns, and smiles. All those years in the dorm rooms of the mage’s University trained him for lack of privacy and life with schedules. He recalls that he is now renting a private room in the inn his family used to own, before his father’s death.

Within the district, Morgus had many friends with whom he used to run the streets with before his mother was forced to give up the inn and move the remaining family away to a new lesser home.

Standing, he stretches again and tries to look around in the pitch darkness. He recalls that he has no windows in his room, which was not an oversight by the innkeeper but a deliberate slight against Morgus’ negotiations when negotiating for the room.

“What the seven hells, I still have a private room at a reasonable rate.”

Concentrating, Morgus holds his hand out in front of himself with his index finger extended, and he says boldly, “London”.

A bright orange light bursts into existence at the tip of his finger. The glow of a medium light shows his room within a five-foot radius of the two-inch glowing globe.

Morgus looks around and sees the hooded lantern on the nightstand. He uses his other hand as he reaches towards the wick and says, “Usten”, igniting a small yellow flame at the tip of his extended index finger. Still smiling, he lights the lantern’s wick.

Now that the room is lite fully with lantern light, Morgan extinguishes the flame on his fingertip, as well as the orange globe of light on his other fingertip.

‘I think it’s time to visit some haunts of old friends and see if anyone familiar is still around.’  Thinks the mage as he uses the chamber pot in the far corner of his small twelve-foot-square room.

After extinguishing the lantern, and walking out of his room down to the tavern, Morgus finds Toaren, already eating his morning meal.

In spite of there being several unoccupied tables available to sit at, Morgus sits with Toaren. He says to the bargewright, “Good morning bargewright. You never told me if you’re working.”

Toaren scowls and tosses his fork onto his plate. He stares at Morgus. “I never invited you to sit with me, boyo.”

Morgus shrugs, and then says, “I know. – But we got off to a bad start yesterday. I thought I would try to make amends today.”

Huffing, Toaren hastily stands and walks out of the tavern.

Pedren approaches the table as Morgus frowns and watches Toaren stomp away.

Pedren clears his throat while looking at Morgus.

Morgus jolts to the present and turns to the tavern keeper. “Yeah, I’ll have my morning meal, please. Did Toaren pay for his?”

Pedren shakes his head and answers, “No, he never.”

“How much?”

The tavern keeper answers, “Seven dusters. What can I get you?”

The mage considers events, and then smiling at Pedren, he says, “I’ll have a couple of eggs and some bacon, with an ale.”

Pedren replies, “That will be another six dusters, Master.”

Morgus offers Pedren thirteen dusters and the tavern keeper heads to the kitchen.  He soon brings the morning meal.

Leaving Perch Inn after his meal, Morgus travels southeast on Drescol Street until he reaches South State Road. Crossing the intersection, Morgus then continues on the paved Drescol Road eastward until he reaches 1516 Drescol Road, Punting Horse Stable.

Standing outside the large courtyard of the noisy stables, Morgus recalls that his older friend, Terrec, used to live here.

Shivering nervously, Morgus enters the half full courtyard and walks towards the large three-story stone house.

As Morgus is nearing the red-painted house, a high voice calls to him from the stable. “Hey, we’re over here. What can we do for you?”

Recognising the voice, even after being away twenty years, Morgus turns sharply and walks towards the giant man.

Greeting the seven-foot-two-inch average appearing jalmal, Morgus smiles and begins to extend his arm. “Good-day Terrec. It has been too many years.” Morgus resists breaking into pirate speak here.

The giant of a man squints as he peers at the six-foot-four-inch and two-hundred-pound mage, frowning as the ex-pirate draws closer to Terrec. He asks cautiously, “Do I know you?”

Morgus laughs as he finishes extending his arm to the stable master. He then says, “Yes, but long ago, old friend. We were trouble buddies, running together on the streets of Drescol Road area and terrorizing the hapless rich families. Though, that was over twenty years ago.”

Terrec suddenly grins mischievously and asks, “Is that you, Mor?”

The two men eagerly clasp arms as Morgus nods and says, “Yes, Terror Tot.”

Laughing, the two men embrace in an awkward hug. Then, backing away from each other, they examine each other thoroughly.

Terrec is wearing a blacksmith’s apron over dark leather leggings and a grey wool short-sleeve tunic. On his feet are ankle-high leather boots.

Morgus has on a long-sleeved bright orange wool tunic, and vibrant Imvor-red wool leggings with knee-high brown leather boots, topped off with a wide-brimmed Imvor-orange leather hat.

But, even with his dandyish appearance, Morgus doesn’t take care where he sets his footing, not bothering to avoid soil surprises from animals.

Terrec leads Morgus into the stables while asking in his crude jal, “What brings you down this way, old friend?”

In the office, Morgus takes the seat indicated as Terrec pours two light ales. He answers Terrec, “Well, I’m not really sure. I have a year to travel, work, or cause havoc before I return to the Mage’s University to take my journeyman test for certification. So, I thought I would hang-out in South State for a while. I came to my old stomping grounds to see what I could find.”

Intrigued, the two men eye each other as they slowly drink their ale.

Terrec asks, “Do you want work?”

Morgus chuckles, then he replies, “I’m no stable boy, Terror.”

Waving erratically Terrec says, “No, No. Not a stable worker. I had a theft which I was wondering if you’d solve for me, seeing as the City Watch can’t.”

Sitting up straight, Morgus enquires, “Really? How much are you paying?”

Terrec sighs, “If you agree to do it, I’ll pay more than I can rightly afford – a Flair.”

Morgus frowns. He looks at his friend and sets down his ale. “A Flair is more than I’m earning now, but it depends on what was stolen and when. Tell me more.”

Leaning his tall, lanky frame forward, Terrec replies, “The red curry comb and mane brush of one of my customers who stores her horse grooming gear here with her horses. In fact, all her grooming equipment was stolen. I thought she took it, but she says she never. The halters, ropes, mane brush, dandy brush, and curry comb were all stolen during the night on Autumn 53. She had a unique set of grooming tools made – all are Imvor-red.”

Morgus and Terrec talk for nearly an hour more. Then, Terrec shows Morgus the grooming gear storage room.

Morgus sighs and says, “There’s not much for information or clues that I can get from in here. I have an idea. I’ll see what I can do for you two. I’ll go now. If I find the items, I’ll be back with them and collect that Flair.”

Walking west, back along Drescol Road, Morgus arrives at the Perch Inn nearly an hour after evening meal time.

Entering the tavern, he takes a seat alone at a table separate from Toaren who sits alone at a table near a corner.

As Pedren addresses Morgus, the mage observes the tavern keeper’s hands and arms. Not seeing the signs he’s looking for, Morgus keeps his thoughts to himself. Ordering his meal, he dines by himself and then goes to his room for the night.

Autumn 57 Unicorn

Morgus walks into the Loren Square and Market and tries to recall where the stall he wants was located twenty years ago, uncertain it will still exist.

Eventually, locating the old stall in the popular market, Morgus sighs, as it has obviously been abandoned for many years.

Searching for one of the members of the local rogue guild, Morgus wanders among the thinned out crowd of evening pedestrians. Many stalls are already closed, and Morgus is hungry. He hasn’t eaten since morning meal at gods-rise, and it is almost gods-set now.

Seeing an old fisherman’s stall still open, Morgus approaches, intent on buying food to cook over a campfire somewhere.

But, Morgus quickly realises that the stall owner is one of the people he has been looking for, as her right hand’s tattoos give her away.

Dropping a silver Dyns onto the woman’s counter, Morgus looks around to make sure there is no one nearby to overhear him. Satisfied that he will not be overheard, Morgus quietly says to the woman, “I need a fence. Oh, and some food.”

The heavy, tall, toyfem coughs, and then taking the coin, she says, “Buy two of my fish, and I’ll talk to you. Twelve dusters.”

Considering her unreasonable request, Morgus decides to bite and sets twelve copper coins onto the oily stall counter.

The woman gives Morgus two of her larger fish, and she says, “Go to the fletchers on the west edge of the square, two alleys over. Say that Dorea sent you.”

Morgus, carrying the fish, starts to leave, but he stops and turns back, asking, “Who am I looking for?”

“Fletcher Moren.”

Nodding, Morgus leaves and walks away looking for the indicated fletcher’s stall.

Finding the fletcher’s stall 32 on the west edge of Loren Square & Market, Morgus notes that it is a large water-blue wooden building two stories tall. Morgus enters the wooden structure, finding the shop lit by only one lantern.

A voice calls out from behind a floor-length, multi-coloured wool curtained doorway, “We’re closed.”

Not one to waste effort, Morgus replies loudly, “I’m Morgus. I was sent by Dorea. I’m looking for Fletcher Moren for a particular item.”

A taller heavy toymal walks from the back room and looks at Morgus for a long minute. Then he shakes his head and says, “I don’t know what you’re talking about, mage.”

Morgus can see the guild tattoos on the man’s right hand and wrist. “You’re the local fence for the Dragon Horsemen Guild. I am looking for certain items.”

The man quickly draws his dagger and rushes Morgus, cutting the sleeve of Morgus’ tunic as the mage tries avoiding the attack while attempting to cast his ‘Fireburst’ spell using the flame from the lantern.

The attack by the fletcher drops Morgus’ focus, causing his loss of the spell.

Morgus readies his quarterstaff as Moren attacks again, slashing through Morgus’ tunic front.

Morgus deflects the next blow using his quarterstaff, causing Moren’s dagger to break.

Moren strikes out with his fist, which Morgus avoids.

Swinging his quarterstaff, the mage strikes Moren hard, and then comes around in another attack, driving the end of his staff into Moren’s left hip, breaking the hip, and dropping the fence to the floor.

Morgus, breathing heavy, steps back.

“I’m not here to harm the Horsemen. I am looking for your help.”

Moren, in severe pain, moans loudly and rapidly blinks his eyes as he lays on the floor of his shop. “Bugger off. I know you now. You’re done.” He utters through gritting teeth.

Morgus, trickles of blood on his chest and arm, steps closer, and he says, “I never intended harm. Help me, and I’ll go and get help for you.”

“Bull, you will. You’ll get the City Watch.”

Morgus considers this, and he frowns before he says, “If I get your guild healer, will you help me?”

“Help kill you I might. Go get Drakin, and I will help you.”

Morgus stalls for a couple of seconds and then asks, “Who is Drakin?”

“Our priest of Lorn.”

Smiling and eager now, Morgus answers, “Yes, where is he?”

Growling in pain, Moren tries to move to a more comfortable position before replying, “She is at the Lorn shrine in the central square. Tell her that Eric Teller requests her presence and that she is to go with you.”

It’s just after gods-set and already dark when Morgus arrives at the shrine. Entering the shrine, he finds a six-foot jalfem dressed in blue robes of Lorn, holding services for about thirty people. Morgus takes a seat and waits, observing the rituals for the hour.

With the services now complete, Morgus approaches the large woman and asks, “Are you Priestess Drakin of the Dragon Horsemen? If you are, I was told to inform you that Eric Teller needs your help and that you should come with me.”

“Let me get my gear. Who got hurt?”

Satisfied, Morgus sighs, and then he replies, “Fletcher Moren.”

It’s after nine-thirty in the evening by the time the pair arrive at the fletcher’s shop. Morgus is becoming fatigued, famished and thirsty. As he shows Drakin to Moren, he asks the fletcher, “Do you have something I can drink? And, somewhere that I can cook the fish that I left here?”

Moren, frowning, stares at Morgus. He then says to Morgus, “You’re shit, you know that. But you did what I said. In the back is my kitchen, help yourself.”

As Drakin starts working on Moren, Morgus heads towards the rear of the store. As he passes through the next room, he spots a full set of Imvor-red horse grooming gear. Sighing a little, he continues to the kitchen where he fillets the two fish after pouring himself an ale. Morgus cooks the fish, as well as some tubors, on the brazier.

Morgus is pleasantly relieved as Drakin helps the hobbling Moren – now with a splinted leg and bound hip – into the kitchen.

Both delightfully sniff the air and smile. Moren says, “So you can cook.”

Ready to serve the food, Moren is setting plates of food for the three of them on the table. “Sort of. I think I didn’t poison us. No promises, though.”

The other two nervously laugh. As Morgus serves the plates of food, they wait for him to eat first. After Morgus eats several bites of fish and tubers, he says, “I saw what I was looking for as I was passing through your inner room. The red horse comb and grooming gear.”

Moren laughs and then says, “You stayed and fought me for that shit? You’re stupid. It’s worth maybe five Dyns to me. Pay my priest bill, and it’s yours.”

Morgus looks at Drakin who casually says, “Five Flairs.”

Morgus sadly shakes his head, and then says, “Not my bill. I’ll send the gear’s owner. Hold the items for the proprietor for twenty days. You’ll know the owner when she tells you that Mage Morgus sent her.”

Drakin looks at Moren with determination, “I need payment.”

Moren gruffly looks at Morgus, “It’s your responsibility.”

Morgus wonders what will happen if he shrugs this off. Morgus decides that it might not be good to get on the wrong side of the Dragon Horsemen yet. He already must contend with Toaren, and who knows what links he has. “If you give me a place to sleep tonight then I’ll cover the charges.”

Moren nods curtly, “Done.”

Morgus says, “I’ll collect the grooming gear in the morning.”

The fence shakes his head, answering, “No, if you stay the night then the gear is another five Flair for the trouble you’ve caused me – if you want to leave in peace?”

Taking his coin pouch from his belt, Morgus dumps his remaining coins onto the dining table. Counting out five gold Flairs, he hands these to the priest. Counting his remaining coins, he finds he has three Flairs, seven Dyns, and eight dusters to get him through nearly 360 days and then back to the Mage’s University.

Autumn 58 Unicorn

Walking into the Punting Horse Stable, Morgus finds both brothers working with horses. Morgus also sees a beautiful mature toyfem with rare blonde hair and amber eyes working with a black mare and a tawny year-old colt.

Morgus addresses Terrec, “I found the grooming gear, but they were going to cost me five Flairs to acquire, in addition to the five Flairs it already cost me to leave peacefully. If you want them, it’ll cost you a Flair for me to tell you where they’re at.”

Terrec addresses the toyfem woman, “Larra, is your grooming gear worth six Flairs to you?”

The woman shakes her head, and she answers casually, “No, leave it there. I can buy new gear for less than a Flair.”

Damn to Seven Hells, I lost five Flairs for nothing.’ Thinks the mage. Morgus smiles and then says, “If you’re ever curious as to where to find the gear, then let me know. Terror, I need a place to sleep tonight. Do you mind putting me up for the night?”

Terrec’s brother, the smaller six-foot-seven-inch jalmal, responds, “A Dyns and you can have a bed in the stable for the night, boyo.”

In the past, Morgus never got along with Essen, and already their relationship is not starting off well.

That evening, Terrec and Morgus spend a few hours rehashing the antics of their childhood days – particularly their runs on the wealthy family estates. Morgus realises that their antics might have been partially to blame for his family having to move.

Essen didn’t join the two after he collected a Dyns.

Autumn 59 Unicorn

Morgus left the Punting Horse an hour after gods-rise, arriving at the Perch Inn roughly three hours later.

Entering the tavern, Morgus asks Pedren when he last saw Toaren.

Pedren answers, “Autumn 58, why?”

“Nothing, I was curious.” Morgus stops and asks, “Has Toaren ever said why he is here?”

“Toaren said that he’s looking for something for his barge crew.”

Damn it, he’s running a crew now.’ Morgus says, “Thank you Pedren.”

He eats his cold mid-day meal, followed by a relaxing bath, before retiring to his room.

To be continued …

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Owerton Challenge, Issue 105, Morgues E001, ‘Red Phoenix Barge’



Morgus E001,
Owerton Challenge 105

Issue 105

With InUPress

By Rusty Knight


Owerton Challenge Blog:


Episode 001

Trouble in South State

‘Red Phoenix Barge’


September 24, 2016

Autumn 50 Unicorn 3rd Cycle V Succession of King Regeanus the III

Challenge: Issue 105


             : Red

             : Phoenix

             : Barge

: Sub-title – Red Phoenix Barge


            : A R Klassen

           : September 16, 2016

Previously in episode 000 with:

In previous issues of the Owerton blog, we wrote about Dragoman Bloodgrue and Mage Lanis. Our Apprentice Dragoman Bloodgrue is from North Docks, of the Royal City of Mount Oryn. These stories were written from August 2009 to May 2015 as the Owerton Bloodgrue Challenge Blog. Then, my traditional publisher requested that I stop my blogs and any Quantos writings, other than the Dragoman Bloodgrue serial series which I was to write for them. All further blogs and short stories were terminated. I have since then terminated relations with that publisher in December 2015. In January 2016, I reopened the Owerton Challenge Blog, along with writing episodes for the four series: Bard & Dragoman, Dragoman Bloodgrue, Lanis, and Markus, serial series. These are popular, but have not yet reached as popular as the challenge series was.

So, I am returning to the challenge series. I will take three random words granted to me by you, the audience, for each story. In the original Owerton Bloodgrue Challenge series there was a random chronology.

In this new Owerton Challenge series, we will be following a chronological order, with the Morgus serial series, the stories will be starting on the first day of Morgus’ journeyman walkabout from the Mage’s University with the date being: Autumn 50 Unicorn of the 3rd Cycle of the Vth Succession of Regeanus III.


This setting is in the time of the monarch before the king of all of my previous writing’s settings, back by about seventeen years. These new stories take place fourteen years before Regeanus abdicates and then dies. They start fourteen years before King Dolan IV’s reign begins.

In the sci-fi Grean serial series, the stories are set in the 5th Galaxy world setting, they will be starting with a Humar pilot, Terral, looking for a crew for his shadily acquired Class III interstellar exploration ship, the time frame is set in the chronology order of Humar Galaxian Term time starting at:


These are both are different eras, with different characters, being done in the old original challenge format style with the participation by you the audience. THe stories will be 1,500 to 4,000 words in length. I hope you enjoy the Owerton Challenge Blog: Morgus and Grean.

We continue now with Morgus episode E001, on:

Autumn 50 Unicorn 3rd Cycle

Morgus walks to exit through the gate of the Mage’s University along the dark churning shore of the river. The southern breath of the gods whips Morgus’ cloak harshly against his over six-foot tall, two-hundred-pound jalmal body, cooling him off even through the nearly ground length Imvor-red heavy wool cloak.

Cursing in jal, “Seven Hells!” Morgus starts out on his year long journeyman test. This is his walkabout from the Mage’s University to become a journeyman mage. All that the University allowed Morgus to take is what he can carry with him this morning. His mentors believe that he supposedly has no destination, but that is the joke on them. Morgus decided two years ago, that when this time came, he would spend the year surviving somehow in South State, District 13 of the Royal City of Mount Oryn.

He laughs, the Dominnion of Kannoral only has two cities, Mount Oryn and Dendar. Morgus thought about traveling to Dendar which is the trade city. But he threw that idea out, as he has no interest in journeying by barge on the river, and traveling by land to Dendar usually results in death.

Setting one foot in front of the other, he begins his walk to the district of South State, district number thirteen, the city’s southernmost and wildest district, which is several days walking. Today, Morgus is fighting against the unusual fierce south breaths of the gods.


As evening approaches, and the two day-gods begin their descent into the western horizon, Morgus welcomes the sight of an inn a few dozen metres ahead. The bright red and orange sign says in jal script, ‘Talon Inn’.

Spending the night at the Inn, to recover from his ten hours of walking, Morgus sleeps soundly through the night.


Autumn 54 Unicorn

Walking briskly into the Heron Inn in South State, District 13, Morgus has now been in South State for almost two days. The clear sphere overhead with its soft, warm east gods-breath was comfortable for traveling today.

Morgus cheerfully considers that he is almost to his destination; this is his last night on the road for a while. Morgus sits in the tavern relaxing, watching other patrons, and listening to random conversations as he enjoys a particularly good evening meal before sleeping.


Autumn 55 Unicorn

Rising before gods-rise, Morgus is excited. In a hurry, he dresses, and rushes out of his room, skipping morning meal and greeting the morning’s darkness before the two day-gods start their gods-rise. Morgus sets out walking. With the first stage of his early journey almost over, he should arrive at his destination before evening.

The light warm east gods-breath is gentle on his traveling as Morgus walks along with the bustling crowds of Hex Avenue toward the less crowded Drescol Street. Soon turning onto dreary paving stones of Drescol Street. On Drescol Street, Morgus travels northwest to the large stone inn, he recognises the Perch Inn as he arrives. The Perch Inn once belonged to his family before his father died and his mother couldn’t pay the heriot tax. His family had to leave when Morgus was seven. The five surviving family members traveled to Desserman, District 7, where Morgus’ mother passed on when Morgus was twelve.

The Perch Inn hasn’t changed much, unless they added a coat of paint some time ago?

Looking at the large cut-stone front of the building at 1312 Drescol Street, Morgus sighs happily and enters the dim interior of the inn.

Standing at the large dark wooden front desk, Morgus calls out, “Good-day, anyone?”

An octogenarian toymal exits a door that Morgus recalls leads into the inn’s tight office.

The old man feebly says, “Good-day, I’m Toya the Innkeeper. How may I aid you?”

Morgus recalls Toya is the very man who took over from his mother, ‘Odd, how little some things change in life.’ Morgus thinks as he then says coldly, “Master Toya, I would like to rent a room, and have two meals a day, for one season. I’ll pay you now.”

Toya grins eagerly and answers curtly. “Of course, master. That will cost fifteen Flairs.”

Morgus does a quick mental calculation of the rent, and individual meals totaled up. He shakes his head, saying, “I decline Master Toya. I am Mage Morgus. I will pay you nine Flairs, or I will return to the Heron Inn tomorrow, and only stay here the one night.”

Toya smiles and extends his arm to seal the deal. “I’ll take nine Flairs for room four on the second floor, and two meals a day, for one season. Anything else costs extra.”

Chuckling at the unhidden entrapment, Morgus clasps arms, grabbing Toya’s forearm as Toya grabs his and they squeeze and pump their arms twice before releasing.

Pulling free his coin pouch from his belt, which is getting lighter, Morgus lightens it by another nine small gold coins – the Royal Kannoral Flairs – simply known as Flairs. Morgus hands the coins to Toya, whose hand is held out waiting.

Morgus says in a cold voice, “I want clean sheets every six-day and a bath every six-day.”

Toya answers with glee, “Yes, one Dyns each.”

Nodding, Morgus answers in a sour tone. “I’ll go to my room now, and then go to the tavern for my first meal.”

Toya fidgets after excitedly placing the nine coins carefully in the lockbox under the counter of his desk. He replies to Morgus, “I’ll let the staff know: the cook, Lessa, and tavern-servant Pedren. I’ll inform the inn-servant, Erec, so they know you will be using room four.”

Leaving Toya at the desk, Morgus walks up the narrow stairs, climbing to the second floor, and walking down the narrow constricting hall to room four.

Entering the unlocked room four, Morgus discovers that the room has no window. The room contains a single-bed with a feather mattress, a small table, one chair, a hooded lantern, as well as a chest of drawers containing four drawers.

Setting his backpack on the chest of drawers and hanging his cloak on the chair, Morgus leans his quarterstaff in the corner and turns to leave the room. As he leaves, he carefully closes the door.

Arriving in the tavern, Morgus finds all the tables are occupied by at least one person.

Choosing to sit with a mature toymal who is sitting alone, Morgus stands politely next to the table and addresses the man. “Good-day Master. Do you mind if I sit with you to eat my meal?”

The man doesn’t offer a response.

The tavern servant, a thirty-four-year-old jalmal, approaches. The servant is an attractive male with bright medium grey eyes and small but full lips smiling pleasantly. The man speaks to Morgus, “Gods-grace and good fate, Master. Would you be the new renter, Mage Morgus?”

Morgus replies, “Yes, I am. I’m looking to order my meal now, for tonight.”

The man at the table near Morgus, grunts.

The servant says, “I’m Pedren, the servant.” Pedren leaves to fetch Morgus’ meal.

The man utters his first word. “Pirate.”

Morgus says, “Excuse me?”

The man replies, “I know who you are. You’re a pirate from the Calcut crew of the Red Phoenix barge under Pirate Captain Lawyen.”

Morgus sits down, leaning back. Swallowing hard, he stares at the mature man trying to figure out who he is.

The man helps. “You don’t remember me, do you? I’m the barge-wright who used to repair the Red Phoenix. My name is Toaren.”

Morgus’ eyes open slightly wider as he looks at the man with a new awareness. “You’re the Calcut barge-wright? I haven’t been with the Calcut crew since Captain Lawyen died in a freight barge capture, fifteen years ago. I’ve been in the Mage’s University since I turned eighteen. I gave the University my entire booty hoard to get in and to get a royal pardon.”

Toaren spits out, “Scum.”

Morgus asks, “So are we going to have issues?”

Toaren gets up from the table as Pedren sets down Morgus’ plate of food and a mug of ale.

Toaren leaves without further comment.

Morgus says, “Thank you, Pedren.”

To be continued

Published by Inevitable Unicorn Press

©2016 Rusty Knight

www.inupress.ca www.owerton.ca inupress@inupress.ca

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